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Body SCRUBs, Body Butters & massage candles/melts
Customize your fragrance for any product

Body Love Scrubs are created with exfoliants such as coffee, sugar, Himalayan sea salt and oatmeal. All scrubs are made with natural ingredients and mixed with combinations of carrier oils and plant extract oils. 

Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells that clog pores, and aid in the correction of uneven skin tones that leaves a dull complexion. 

Body Butters/Whips are formulated with the same ingredients minus exfoliants. Butters/Whips replenish the skin's moisture and glow.

Names and Prominent Fragrance 

NOTE: The fragrances of each product will always remain consistent; however, the esthetics may change.

Don't be alarmed by the combinations... The blends are magical and infuse in harmony with each other!


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