Peace and blessings! My name is Tameka (Osunbunmi-Gift) Woods. I am the founder of Enhanced Holistic Love Lab. I am a retired Army Veteran, who has served for over 20 years, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, Licensed Massage Therapist and Holistic Healer.  My purpose and passion is to facilitate healing and alignment with divine intuition, herbs, natural implementations, and spiritual counsel. 


Enhanced Holistic Love Lab is also a coalition of entrepreneurs that create products and offer services for all your holistic health and wellness needs. This empire is steadily expanding and invested in the contribution of every person becoming the best version of themselves.  Enjoy a myriad of products such as body scrubs, body whips/butters, soaps, candles, herbal vaginal health, cosmetic and facial products. Soon to come is also a merchandise section with items that express positive affirmations, self-empowerment, and most importantly LOVE. We also facilitate and customize wellness forums for small groups in accordance with local government and CDC COVID-19 guidelines.

Holistic body care should become a ritual and reverence for everyone. Taking the time to provide care for yourselves is a way to decompress your mind, body, soul, and spirit. The more we show love to our bodies, it gives a sense of confidence and esteem that will exude love and positivity into the atmosphere. The love we show ourselves ultimately is what is reflected and attracted back to us. LOVE is the key!

Every product is divinely inspired and prepared meticulously for holistic balance, restoration, and replenishment.  As a society we have become obsessed with negative self-talk, depression, and bring attention to body flaws, while seldom embracing our uniqueness.  WE ARE PERFECT IN OUR IMPERFECTIONS! Positive affirmations and LOVE are infused in each product and to promote self-care and enrichment while giving reward yourself with every use.  

"Unlocking health, wellness, and beauty within"